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Ozriders grips, can you tell what they are yet? (say this in your best Rolf harris voice….) No they are nothing to do with Dorothy, the Tin man, or a dog called Toto, OZriders grips are designed by James Maebus in Melbourne, Australia ( OZriders, get it?) Having represented Australia at numeroues World Champs, at Junior and Under 23 level, and raced for Cannondale, Bianchi, Torq Australia, and Felt Racing (amongst others) James knows XC racing, and what works in XC racing.

I first met James in 2004, when we both worked in a shop in Melbourne, and have been mates ever since. But having always been an avid Ergon user, I have never tried his product, so when OZriders became a sponsor of the Mulebar Strudel team I (tried to) raced for last year, off came the Ergons! Having broken my wrist 4 times, Im a delicate flower when it comes to grips, and having tried foam grips before with little success, I wasnt sure if they would suit me. But after 6 months of riding and racing including the Kielder100, which is where I thought I would miss my Ergons, I can report nothing but success (for the grips, not me, i failed miserably). The density of the foam is perfect, doesnt absorb water, offering excellent grip and comfort, and the hexagonal shape just feels natural. The fit is a bit tight on the bars, which makes them a bugger to get off without a compressor, but also keeps them secure on the bars.

I’m sold on them, I have joined a new team this year, so will not be supported by James, but i will be putting my hand in my pocket and buying these for my new race bike. Talking of money, they are amazing value at only £9.99, and come in 6 different colours, White, Black, Sram Red, SID Blue, and the new colours, Hot Pink, and Merida green, and two diferent lengths (normal and Gripshift size), and can be purchased in the UK from www.kamcreative.com. If you dont believe me, just ask the numerous Australian Elite XC racers, Male and Female,who have won National titles, Oceana titles, raced WC’s, and the Olympics on these grips, and more importantly, the amateur racers, who choose to use these grips. All that is left, is to chose which colour……….

Score: Race Winner

Reviewed by Trevor Hulton


It's hot!

Oz Riders Reach Europe


After the growing success that Oz Riders products have achieved Down Under, the Australian-branded range has now reached Europe and are available via KAM Creative - www.kamcreative.com

Oz Riders has become a key brand name within the cycling fraternity of Australia, with its quality high-density foam mountain bike grips. Tested and raced by some of Australia's top mountain bike riders including World Championship contenders Chris Jongewaad and Daniel McConnell.

"I have had a great experience with the Oz Riders grips, using them for the first time at the World Championships," explained Jongewaad. "I found that they were a great shape and made the ride really comfortable, but at the same time they gave me good control over my bike. They also look great and are very light."

Available in the colours of black, white, red and blue, Oz Riders grips are just £9.99 per set. The 125mm long grips feature a proven ergonomic hexagonal design and weigh in at less than 45 grams for a pair - which even includes bar plugs!

The Oz Rider grips can be cut down to 90-100mm for riders with shift grips.

To order your set of Oz Rider high-density foam grips, go to the KAM Cretive Store. To find out more about Oz Riders, visit www.ozriders.com.au